This is a Gastronomic Stall in Historical Silk Road: Four Seasons Gaziantep Meals. This study shows the dishes and recipes of Gaziantep’s rich cuisine with rich photographic visuals. The book, which is the product of a long-term study, reveals the culinary culture of Gaziantep with scientific data.

Gaziantep Cuisine in the book; soups (20), kebabs (20), meat dishes (63), fruit dishes (19), yoghurt dishes (24), meatballs (25), stuffings and wraps (28), rice (45), pies and lahmacunlar (18 ), olive oil dishes and snacks (28), salads, markets and coriander (43), desserts (49), receller and syrups (35), breakfast cereals (19). In addition, in the winter preparation section of the Gaziantep Cuisine, which holds an important place in the drying.